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Force of the Future
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Force of the Future
Magazine: Muse #15 Spring/Summer 2008
Model: Hilary Rhoda
Photographer: David Vasiljevic

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The styling is all sorts of bad, and Rhoda is all sorts of boring. NEXT.

Shut up and get on AIM in like 15 minutes- or so!

Hilary is the future!!! Well, I'm entirely biased because she's a classic Maryland beauty, and because she went to my cousin's high school.

Yearbook pictures please. Was she a chubster?

Well, she and my cousin both went to the Academy of the Sacred Cross in Bethesda, but they are five years apart, so they never actually went there at the same time. No she was never a chubster (I'll be sure not to show my yearbook photos). She was a star lacrosse athlete (lax is life in Maryland, particularly Baltimore, it's abysmal) and an equestrienne. I did find an eighth grade photo though, she looks the same as she does now.

Whoops, Holy Cross... I should know better.

wow, hilary is so gorgeous i totally forgot

hilary is divine. i really think she is the most beautiful woman alive.

She really is. She's a perfect example that women don't have to weigh 100 pounds to be beautiful.

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