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Grand Stam
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Guy Aroch

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black and white ones are AMAZING, especially the one with a cigarette.
although as i said before i still am not a fan of how is she starting to be more a celebrity than a model these days; yet another editorial with her name/surname as a title :/

she's gorgeous in every shot.

by the way, why did you drop the class? i didn't make the connection, until much much muuuuuuuuuch later that that was YOU in my class. by the way, how hilarous was that guy that quoted bryanboy. inside, i was like "oh god."

she's so adorable. i used to be such a huge fan of hers.

Go back! She misses your fandom and HQ pictures, etc.

and btw, Lindsay's recent editorial in Purple Fashion is amazing. typical Terry shoot but it still works with her.

tbh the name is my favourite part of this
i'm not really crazy about her so i found this quite dull

she is STUNNING. i love every single shot!

I love the effortless elegance of these shots, and I love the black and white photos. <3

I am beginning to understand her stans more and more...

LOVE HER, but in a sort of creeped out by her kind of way. She kinda looks like a doll that's been animated.

Stam looks stunning here. I absolutely adore that first shot.

Gawd, she's stunningly beautiful.

the b&w's are fabulous. she's fabuloussss. old school glamour...

She looks beautiful in these. She was an old favorite of mine back in the day and this reminds me of just why she was!

idc what anyone says, she is perfect.

i kinda wanna see the dresses and the body more ...she look great tho

She will always be a favorite of mine. The b&w photos are especially gorgeous.

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