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Road movie
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Road movie
Magazine: Numéro No. 67 June/July 2005
Models: Jessica Stam, Freja Beha Erichsen, Ilona Kuodiene
Photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg

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(Deleted comment)
yeah the photog must've had an obsession with the "hot carl". LOL

i only like like the blackwhite ones with or in the car

love these but the stam ones always struck me like she had to go to the bathroom really bad, LOL

thank you SO MUCH for this...stam & freja are 2 of my favorites, and i LOVE when you post older editorials....please, keep it comin'!! i'm sure it makes lots of other readers happy as well! and it is MUCH appreciated :)

mte! i love old editorials

wtf these are bad. Sad, cus they could have turned out pretty cool

why are there so many of stam? but cute!

this is a really good set for stam, it's a pity she doesn't look like this anymore

haw,thanks, spendid quality!

the quality is great, and so much Stam! ♥

honestly there are only some shots that goes well with the title 'road movie'.

IMO the shot with stam+white background doesnt do any justice :/
shame cause i like editorials that has a road trip vibe

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