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Myths of the Forest
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Myths of the Forest
Magazine: Vogue Nippon September 2006
Model: Anja Rubik
Photographer: Carter Smith

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blue people, forest...
JAMES CAMERON, i found your inspiration xD

I was thinking more of Smurfs, hahahahah

the blue men make me cringe, but other than that, this is lovely.

I love this style from Carter. He did a similar shoot with Natalia and these two will always be my favourites from him - it was a totally unique point of view

Would you happen to have more of the one with Natalia? And know where it's from? (:

the pic in the preview is absolutely gorgeous. idk how i feel about the others tho...

Good lordy I really do love that McQueen dress. It looked good on the runway, but it fits the setting of this editorial more. I love the crown detail, and how her hair almost looks white thanks to the sunlight.

(Creepy blue men though)

These are beautiful! Some of the dresses are really gorgeous. However, I'm not particularly a fan of the blue men, though they don't bother me too much.

(Deleted comment)
simply beautiful...they caught on to avatar years ahead :P

the colors are very beautiful

this is rather exquisite. Carter has some of the best stories.

this is basically the movie Donkey Skin with Catherine Deneuve

I effing love this,

-the end

i like the creepy blue men
i want buff, creepy, blue men to follow me around!

supernice. like a peter greenaway midsummer nights dream

smurf meets zwarte piet? :S lol

I love this Yves Klien's inspiration. Thanks God its's not from 2010, 'cause I'd think it might be inspired by "Avatar"...

I just LOVE this shoot. I'm really into the fantasy/mythical thing. ;D

I absolutely love this shoot. Thanks for sharing!

The pictures with the girl are stunning,especially the one by the window because her facial features are so strong in the image.The blue men totally ruines the shoot.They are so out of place,and if the idea was to channel Avtar they failed miserably.

actually, this shoot was from 2006 so there's no way Avatar could have influenced it in any way. it's more likely an homage to the french film Peau d'ane, which featured blue people.

awesome! I love the colours and the style!

That's really intertaining and creative. I love <3 The last one is my fav.

best! love this shoot! awesome! cant stop staring!

People keep mentioning Avatar as a likely inspiration for the blue men, but I can't help being reminded of these guys from the Mighty Boosh - =/

This is an homage to a VERY pretty movie called DonkeySkin (1970) Its french and very silly and very pretty, it is about a princess who runs away from ehr father who wants to marry her and wears a donkey disguise!
heres the IMDB page
The servants in the movie are painted blue and red!

this shoot is amaaaaaazing! :)

фантастика. очень интересные идеи, а синие человечки круты)

I agree, the blue men made me cringe, but apart from that i think this is a very lovely shoot, Interesting, i love the colours and lighting. I think my favourite is the one with her kneeling before the window, beautiful shot.

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