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Magnificent Obsession
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Magnificent Obsession
Magazine: Vogue US July 2010
Models: Natalia Vodianova, Ewan McGregor
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh (2b)

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one of the best i've seen this year from us vogue

amazing. reminds me that Jolie and Pitt story by Steve Klein.

Yeah, I'm totally blown by this. US Vogue normally sucks for me. That said, this is not exactly a new concept, and also a really tough one to fuck up.

Why would you ever cheat on Ewan

oooh lol i get the story

This could be the story for Mad Men, The Godfather, or any number of movies. I know that's the point, but color me bored.

The last heels is awful o__0

The narrative is great...but I'm kind of tired of seeing this styling in US Vogue. And I'm a Grace/Natalia stan.

love love!!!!Natalia and Ewan !!!

WOW, this is amazing!

This story is amazing! I love Natalia + Ewan.

Not bad, but they should have done an editorial based on the 1950s movie "Magnificent Obsession" where the title comes from. Now THAT would have been an editorial.


(Deleted comment)
I'm just now seeing this. How could she cheat on Ewan?!

oh Natalia why must you continue to disappoint me, why can't you just go back to the way things were ;_;

amazing photography though, the lighting is spot-on, especially here

oh god i love ewan and natalia. this is just perfect

love the story here and great to see Lindbergh back at Conde Nast. you go Natalia!

Да уж Иван Макгрэгор это тебе не какая-нибудь..

nice story!! love this!

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