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jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Model: Frida Gustavsson
Photographer: Noam Griegst

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(Deleted comment)
wow..really...really now? a 15 y.o. titty shot? other then that shes stunning

Frida gets casted in so many "sexy" shoots it's unbelievable- especiall this one.

I wonder if it's cus she's taller than a grown man. Therefore "looks" older. Even though she has the face of a sprite.

Never forget this.

But that's such an unacceptable excuse (I know you aren't condoning it, though.)

the rick-owens-but-not-really-rick-owens shot is interesting though

I know she's legal in Sweden but this is just all kinds of awkward. Especially since she did them early in her career.

Awk aside, for early stuff these are pretty great.

she is so beautiful

the boob shot is a bit awkward but i guess shes legal in sweden or w/e

Lately I'm realizing how shit she is at modeling. She's so gorgeous but, god, sometimes beauty is blinding.

All I can say is MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Haters gonna hate :p

She has essentially the same facial expression in nearly every photo :/

очень красивая

although she is young and everything, this girl knows how to pose.
just realized i need a camel coat this autumn.

Ugh, I had never seen her tits before this and I really don't...smh.

She's so pretty, though. Imo, not the best but she's learning.

I know she is underage by US standards, but she really is a stunning young woman. These would be quite bland without her ingenuity...I don't even mind that she can't seem to close her mouth.

oh fuck she's 15? I think she's really good but
also just want to say I hope snakeskin print high rise pants (the worst of the late 90s I swear) and baggy leather pants never come back in style, or in style period. yeugghh. Still, she knows how to work that ugly shit.

there's something about her face that just irks me.
maybe it's b/c she reminds me of that alison or what's her face from Entourage
or perhaps it's also b/c some people suggests she's arrogant and has a big ego.
either way, i can't seem to like her.

I love what she's doing with her hands here - magical!

I totally missed this post because of the unattractive nudiness but I'm so glad i clicked, a little late .. yea. Butttt I just LOVE these!!!

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