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Work It Out | Eliza Cummings by Hugh Lippe for NAAG Summer 2010
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Work It Out
Magazine: NAAG Summer 2010
Model: Eliza Cummings
Photographer: Hugh Lippe

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lol, are they serious with the styling...? this is very lesbian but i like some of the b&w ones.

I think it's supposed to be set in Chicago so the styling fits the script. No one there can dress.

i like her ..but i dont like this ...i just no no no

Eliza has breasts. She would like to let all of you know that.

i love her body. is that wrong

Some of these look like they could be outtakes from Jacques magazine's Sports Issue.

loves it and I didn't even get her when she came out

thats too masculine for me

this is just screaming s/s 2010 alexander wang with the varsity chic thing.

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