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Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes
Magazine: Dossier #5 Spring/Summer 2010
Model: Natalia Chabanenko
Photographer: Dan Martensen
Stylist: Kate Lanphear

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I like the first shot, actually. But Naty is wrong for this.

yeaaaah I love that first shot

the clothes are horrific

I like that she has bruises on her legs.

I HATE the styling, but overall I like that they show off how gorgeous Naty is and I'm in love how natural the lighting is so I'm on the fence I guess :/

the first shot is lovely, but echoing everyone else about the styling.

i actually love this and see where they were going with the styling also i love high life :-)

the first shot is everything

the first one made me excited, the rest left me kinda cold. The clothes are bad but I guess for the theme they were going for styling was right on

the only thing i like here is the pj harvey quoting

I like the first shot a lot, but over could be better. I loathe the shot of her in all denim, leaning on the bar...the clothing and pose is icky. As well, why aren't there people in this bar? Is she the ghost of a hooker from the '70s?

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