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They are so beautiful! :')

i feel like the jean jacket outfit is so out of place.

(Deleted comment)
I am underwhelmed. And I think it's the photographer's fault.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with Victor's photography, and it's easy for people to dismiss him for being Patrick's son. I think the styling works for some, but not others, as well as the make-up. For the first two pictures, the only person looking good is Caroline, since Toni looks older than reality and Iselin isn't giving the best face.

Some of these shots are stunning, like Toni's solo picture with her hair all straight, and Kasia'a picture sitting down alone. However, some of the group shots are cheesy, and I really do not like the cover picture. It seems lifeless, and the styling, in my opinion, is horrendous. But that's just a personal preference I think.

for me I don't have a problem with him being Patrick's son, I just have a problem with how beyond average his pictures are compared to a lot of up-and-coming photographers these days

This is so random and doesn't work. I thought it was going to be kind of a glam, old society lady theme at first and them... I don't know. Love the models though. Well, not Caroline, but Iselin, Kasia, Toni and Anne are great.

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