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Giedre must be one of the least memorable models at there. Every time I see an editorial of hers I can never recognize her - there isn't anything particularly striking about her.

/end diss

She has odd ears. I'll give her that for uniqueness...

Cute editorial, I like how it's not overwhemlingly pink! I think you had a typo in the title

This looks like hipster pics from Tumblr

(Deleted comment)
Even though I'm not usually into these kinds of editorials, I didn't think it was too bad until I saw the last photograph. I really can't stand the styling.

(Deleted comment)

Never was a Cornflake girl...

This looks like something from Vice.

I love down-home/eighties/middle America but this fall just short of good.

People! Shaddapppp! they are doing Tavi, obviously! and they did it great!

the only thing this left me feeling was that she was very pretty

this is exactly what I was expecting from that ed in Blackbook styled by Tavi

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