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Beautiful and luxurious! love it!


this has given me too many deja-vus, unfortunately.
it is very uninspired, indeed, and the model herself
makes me yawn - very, very boring..

Uninspired comment indeed. Here I see raw and realistic glamour in a place where Helmut Newton would have added a whip may be, some full frontals and a dalmatian. Just to entertain you I guess..

I like this. It's believably glamorous, which is something very difficult to capture. I, however, would have omitted the 5th and 8th photos; there doesn't seem to be anything "going on" in them other than presentational posing. The best shots are those in which Jessica seems to be having some kind of thought or personal experience.

I like these pictures. she is beautiful in this story. luxurious and glamourous. Love.

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