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Henrietta, Madelene, Hedvig, Agnes, Lovisa, Moa, Karin, & Hanna by Peter Gehrke for Bon Winter 2011
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Neon
Magazine: Bon Winter 2011
Models: Henrietta Hellberg, Madelene de la Motte, Hedvig Palm, Emma Wahlberg, Karin
Hansson, Sophia Nilsson, Hanna Fridh, Agnes Karlsson, Lovisa Ekholm, Jessica Peel, Moa
Photographer: Peter Gehrke
Stylists: Marcus Söder & Naomi Itkes

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I'm enjoying the complicated lighting!

casting could be so so so much better here

casting could be much much better here

gasshadow.tumblr. com x

I really, really like this.

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