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jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Untitled
Magazine: Acne Paper Sweden #7 Fall/Winter 2008/2009
Models: Guinevere van Seenus, Boris Kolesnikov
Photographer: Daniel Jackson

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This is scary. I really love Boris, though.

OMG! They're like paintings. Dutch old peinture. Or anything nordic like via 1800 or something :)

yes exactly. it looks gorgeous. the swedish influence is absolutely apparent. the images are gorgeous. beautiful light/shadow play and i love the muted colors and crisp image. it does look indeed like flemish painting. and their bodies are beautiful. good to see balance in exposing both male and female.

their figures are so grand! I'd love to draw these two in real life.

beautiful. stunning. provocative. sensual. ethereal. etc.

I will never stop loving this...it's just perfect. Guinevere is so striking...Boris too. You don't REALLY know what's going on, but there is a stark and strange mood to things that allow you form your own little conclusions.

This has been a favorite of mine since it came out, they both look absolutely gorgeous.

wow, unwanted nudity. I love that they look like they're related though and I the atmosphere is nice

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