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Crimson Tide
glucoze wrote in noirfacade

Title: Crimson Tide
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar UK March 2010
Model: Olga Sherer
Photographer: Serge Leblon

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Yech 'Crimson Tide'? Could they not have come up with a name that was not a euphemism for lady week or is menstruation haute now?

Its a phrase that existed before but that but I still lol'd.

Yeah it still makes me think of that though lol.

i couldn;t take it seriously because of the title :(

So happy she's getting work but so sad that this is shit.

that third shot is wonderful!!

The title might be shit, but the photographer did a nice job.

Olga is great. Girl needs more work!

i feel like the hair is in the way of me enjoying this.

maybe its just her face....

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