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Oh So Coco
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Oh So Coco
Magazine: Flare April 2010
Model: Coco Rocha
Photographer: Chris Nicholls

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i love it. she's so cute!

This is kind of amazing

how am i supposed to take her seriously when shes making facial expressions like these i mean really

I love her facial expressions in these photos, she really knows how to change it up. And the contrast of the chalkboard-type look in the background with those gorgeous outfits is brilliant!

Love her!

coco never ever closes her mouth

the first one's sorta closed... it's my fav :)

i love coco.
but i really dont like this.

Nobody has eyes like her!

These are absolutely gorgeous.

Love the colors. And Coco of course.

I like her less the more I see her

don't like Coco... she's lost her "Flare" to me.

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