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NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials.

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Noir Façade | Exclusive Interview with Alla Kostromichova
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Ukrainian beauty Alla Kostromichova (Union) is no outsider when it comes to walking the top runways and appearing in some of the most noted and respected fashion magazines. Walking for shows like Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and appearing in several international Vogues, Alla's strong, alienesque beauty radiates with every stomp and turn of the page. Shining brighter every season, Alla exposes to us in this exclusive interview for Noir Façade, just how down-to-earth and charming she is, also proving that, sometimes, beauty and brains do go hand-in-hand.

NOIR FAÇADE: Tell us how you started modeling.
ALLA KOSTROMICHOVA: I was discovered by a scout from Milan a few years ago.

NF: You've had quite the impressive Fall/Winter 2010 season. Walking a total of 53 shows in addition to opening Gareth Pugh and Jeremy Scott. Is there more pressure when knowing you are going to open or close a show?
ALLA: Well, I think it is more responsibility because you are the one who gives the first impression of the show, and I think it is really important to be perfect. I am not stressed but proud to do this.

NF: What show(s) do you look forward to walking the most?
ALLA: Every show has its own spirit. And I think it is not about to walk any certain show but about to walk a big season, to have a chance to compare the collections, the attitude, and the shows from the inside.

NF: Do you have a favorite runway memory?
ALLA: I think it was the opening of YSL show… It was just the beginning of my career and I was doing an exclusive for them. These are the most exciting moments ever… There is an amazing atmosphere in the House, they have traditions and everyone can feel it.

NF: When you're not having a busy season or appearing in the likes of Vogue Italia and 10, what do you like to do with your spare time?
ALLA: I think I do pretty much the same what everyone does: sports, books, movies. I love to cook, I can really spend half of the day doing something tasty.

NF: In what ways do photographers and designers communicate their visions to you, and what do you do to embody them?
ALLA: I think I got the inspiration for the attitude from the look itself. Only a mirror can give good advice, or sometimes the pictures and the drawing that they bring on set.

NF: Alla, there are very many beautiful photos of you out there. Which is your favorite and why?
ALLA: I really love my 10 mag cover. On this picture I feel myself to be an actor to play someone’s weird character. It is interesting for me to see myself as the other person, and I love this picture because I believe that this person might exist (if this makes sense).

NF: If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?
ALLA: Actually I have a degree in medical engineering and I would do that or I would do something connected with languages.

NF: What is your favorite clothing item that you own?
ALLA: I have an amazing black lace Balenciaga dress. I don’t wear it a lot but love it!

NF: What is your favorite city to visit?
ALLA: The city that I loved the most in the world was Rio de Janeiro. If paradise does exist - it is there!

NF: Do you have a preferred type of food?
ALLA: I love simple dishes… Let's say medium-well steak and mashed potatoes would be a perfect lunch for me. I love fresh carrot juice and sweets – all kinds of deserts are my small weakness.

NF: Being from Ukraine , do you speak Russian fluently?
ALLA: I am from the south of the country - Russian-speaking part of Ukraine, so this language is my native.

NF: How would you describe your childhood?
ALLA: I was a good girl :) I never had problems with school, it was easy for me. I had a lot of friends and really miss that time.

NF: Your skin is simply flawless. Any beauty advice?
ALLA: I think food is really important for how you look. I think diet is really good and it is not about to eat less, it is just about the food itself. I don’t eat any fast-food, I don’t drink any soda, I don’t smoke. Food has to be healthy.

NF: What about products?
ALLA: I use only different kinds of moisturizers.

NF: Do you keep fit by playing any sports or do you simply diet?
ALLA: I play tennis. It is good sport for all parts of the body and good for women.

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Great interview :) Love this girl.

i never really care for her ..but now i kinda do ....

great job!!!

Love her. Great interview!

(Deleted comment)
I like Lyoka on your userpic!!!

shee`s one of the most educated models..

Alla is perfection. Beautiful strong face, killer body and sharp mind with sense of humor.

I love her so much and always will. I wish her the highest achievements in her modeling career.

Алла, мы тебя любим)))

she's grown on me so much, her face was way too harsh for my liking before but now...i love her

I love interviews! This is great, thank you for posting it! I hope there will be many more interviews at noirfacade in the future :)


Several agencies spell Alla's surname differently. 'Kostromicheva' is more familiar with the internet. Google 'Kostromichova' and you get a spelling correction.

Yeah I know style.com spells Kostromicheva but agencies spell Kostromichova... Cool interview anyway and thx for the answer.

She is such a great girl and has a wonderful attitude - gotta love her! And agh, always forget about her cool degree. This was a lovely interview, good job once again bertberlin!

Question: is her English really that or did you do a few corrections here and there?

Just a few general corrections, but that was it. From what I could tell, Alla has no problem with the English language.



"i have a degree in medical engineering" GET IT GIRL.

i love these interviews, keep up the good work!

(Deleted comment)
awesome post/interview, she is wonderful

I totally agree with what she said about the 10 Cover, I think the portrayal of a character is one of the more interesting parts of fashion.

Also WOW, how are you getting these interviews, holy cow!

Very nice interview, beautiful girl. =]

awwz look @ u, congrats bbyboi<3

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