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NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials.

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jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Fantasyland
Magazine: Flare April 2010
Model: Taryn Davidson
Photographer: Chris Nicholls

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This doesn't feel original at all but it's still cute and fun. The first image made me swoon.

omg Taryn
keep at it gurl I still believe in u

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the second, third, fifth and sixth images! gorgeous.

i think the model is off but the shoot was pretty great!

the model is making me not LOVE it.

if all the pictures would have had just as much quality, power and beauty as in picture one, this could have been a whole lot better!
but still, i like taryn. she is gorgeous

Mmmm... looks like the photographer is challenging Tim Walker.


It's still the best thing I've ever seen in a Canadian magazine, unfortunately.

Just to elaborate on this...Walker's strength, and one of the main things I adore about him, is his use of natural light. That, plus no computer manipulation, plus on-location shooting generate that sense of authenticity in his whimsy. With studio lighting and digital editing this comes across as a sterile simulacrum. Boooooo.

...and it's still the best thing in any Canadian magazine.

i was just thinking about her a few secs ago! miss her

Taryn is cute but this is just bad in my opinion :/

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