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Jeans, el regreso
jessica stam - so into you
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Jeans, el regreso
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar España May 2010
Model: Sessilee Lopez
Photographer: Xevi Muntané

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Beautiful styling but why is her mouth opened the same way in every single shot.

i dont get why people think thats a bad thing an open mouth doesnt mean ugly

I know it doesn't mean ugly, but in every single shot, what does it say about the model... they are professional, they shoud be able to give more than one pose

maybe its the photographer/editors choice of open mouths and not the model.

open mouth is visual vocab for sex.

she always looks so... awkward :/

she's such a glamazon!!

The lighting on her skin and figure in these is stunning; however, I wish she would've changed her facial expression more drastically in these shots since they all look very similar.

She really does have the same expression in each shot...

Xevi knows a model's angles very well.

So much denim-on-denim!

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