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Rahat ve otoriter
glucoze wrote in noirfacade

Title: Rahat ve otoriter
Magazine: Vogue Türkiye April 2010
Models: Tanya Dziahileva, Grayson Gettys
Photographer: Arthur Elgort

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I love Tanya and how she looks in this ed <3 Beautiful!

The last image is PHENOMENAL! Other than that, this does nothing for me.


and usually I like what she does, but she is quite boring here.


(Deleted comment)
do you know the artist of your icon?

(Deleted comment)
thank you SO much, i've been trying to figure this out forever

The male model is Grayson Gettys, if you were wondering.

oh great, thanks for the info!

To be honest, I think the males outperform her in this one... but the last photo is brilliant.

Tanya is very cute here!

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