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NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials.

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New Romantic
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: New Romantic
Magazine: Flair May 2010
Model: Marike Le Roux
Photographer: Beau Grealy
Stylist: Kate Sebbah

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I love the styling and the hair sm..

The styling in this is amazing.

oh absolutely love these

nice, but if I see that lamp dress one more time I'm gonna SQUAW.

marvelous photo shoot, beautiful model,great styling :D.

I really like the look and feeling from this, don't like the hair though.

Gorgeous. Marike is so underrated, she should have been in the MJ campaign. I want all the shoes.

i agree so much about mj campaign. i was crying.

Marike getting boooored.

I am so inlove with this. styling, make up and the dubdued lighting. dying.

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