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I'm No Angel
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: I'm No Angel
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar US August 2010
Model: Laetitia Casta
Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude
Stylist: Alex Aikiu

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There's a reason this makeup style quickly died out once films were no longer black and white. She looks like a drag queen, and even the tackiest drag queen would look her up and down and say, "Honey, that's too much."

(Deleted comment)
omg i love thisssss!!! i'm a sucker for these theatrical eds with great set designs.
also for a sec i thought it was ellen von unwerth

(Deleted comment)
WOW!!! i LOVELOVELOVE these!! espeically the one in the bed haha! amazing

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