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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Femina
Magazine: Vogue Portugal September 2010
Model: Ashley Smith
Photographer: Marcin Tyszka
Stylist: Paulo Maceco

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i love her ugh ugh ugh perfection

if her teeth were NORMAL i would actually like her because she's a decent model. Too bad.

her teeth are what make her so interesting

no her jank face makes her interesting and then her teeth just cap it off and you're like "k kewl lara and wix already exist so bye"

Her teeth are normal. Just different to others.

As someone who has her teeth THANK YOU.
All those comments about models and their ugly teeth make me feel really sad and fucking ugly and disgusting. You made me feel a little bit better ♥

just because i said that her teeth aren't normal doesn't mean they're ugly. i don't like her teeth because there's enough models out there sporting a gap and she's just one other. but k e w l

that's so revolutionary

I am really on the fence with her
Not her biggest fan on face-on shots, but those angled semi profile whatever they are called shots are great

The first one.......te he he he he he

I'd love to see Ashley get beyond the fifties pinup thing in how she is cast, but she does it so well.

looove the last shot. the huge coat is perfect

i love her and her damn gap

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