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The Talented Miss Mulligan
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: The Talented Miss Mulligan
Magazine: Vogue US October 2010
Model: Carey Mulligan
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh (2b)
Stylist: Grace Coddington

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I hate it when you can see equipment in the photos. I think it's distracting. Didn't Annie Leibovitz popularize this?

i think it's part of the concept of the photos, since she's an actress and working and such...

Richard Avedon

But I agree, in this shoot it just looks so lazy.

Stunning clothing, stunning scenery, stunning girl.

idk the faces she makes are a little annoying. the smirks are just no good.

that being said, i love everything else.

the smirks bothered me too

i feel like she's going to become their next nicole kidman..

this is fantastic, she looks exquisite!

I am happy that Lindbergh is back at Vogue. He pulls off this run-of-the-mill-celebrity-photoshoot-with-gowns thing in refined and novel way.

This is why Grace should style every shoot.

Finally, a break from the same 3 dresses! I'm surprised the Dior flower gowns haven't gotten more play. They're GORGEOUS. I covet.

Is she wearing a wig?

beautiful. amazing story. great stylism.

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