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Festin | Crystal Renn by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris October 2010
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Festin
Magazine: Vogue Paris October 2010
Model: Crystal Renn
Photographer: Terry Richardson
Stylist: Carine Roitfeld

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(Deleted comment)
so true, it could have looked tasteful, but this is TERRIBLE.

Goddamnit, Terry.........

Herp derp, it's cause she's a plus-sized model.

Good one Terry!!!11!!!1!

Oh great. They finally put a plus-size model in some goddamn clothes and then make the entire goddamn editorial about food. UGH.
It is to Crystal Renn's credit as a model that she is able to inject some joy, wit, and energy into photos that would likely otherwise seem sad and purposefully cruel. Terry Richardson, you suck and you lucked out.

I'm still tired of his obsession with phallic and crude sexual imagery. ENOUGH. Carine, Carine, I'm sure you wanted to balance out the religious overtones of the previous spread, but this is who you chose? Tsk. I just don't know what to say.

What grates me is I kind of like it, because Crystal Renn is working it, and in that last one reminds me of a bacchante (and the first pose with the squid is inspired, if unfortunately fellatic).

But the knife to the meat between the legs? Renn looks pissed, and I would too if I were thrusting a knife into a piece of meat positioned between my girly bits. I'm SURE that's your direction. I'm just SO ambivalent towards this whole thing.


oh terry, :(

Terry needs to go away and never come back.

omggg sooo controversial etc -_-

I like everything about this except the food she's eating, it just looks unappealing. Maybe if she were eating ice cream & cake...

hahaha, ikr, i'm vegetarian and tbh i was kinda grossed out by all the meat

See I want to love this because the sweaters are gorg and Crystal looks stunning, but really, Terry? Ugh I fucking hate him.

and oh my god what the fuck is this in this picture

god, kill me if i ever eat like that or hold a wine cup in such a way...


HMM BIT MUCH PRADA? hope this isnt an ADVERTORIAL disguised as an EDITORIAL ??

he managed to make her look like a desperate plus-sized model whose willing to do anything to be in a magazine.

ohhh so edgy and inventive having a plus size model devouring food! What I hate the most is the way food is photographed: it looks so bad, like she is eating rubbish, blood, unhealthy food. Whwn skinny models are portrayed eating (and not just covered in food or having food as stunts) food look delicious, their bites are so small. This is pornographic, not happy. Why should healthy women etaing look this disgusting? I hate this.

YES. I was thinking the very same thing. This feels like a grotesque exaggeration. A parody.

wow I really like it when fashion eds activate my gag reflex

I didnt even notice she's ~ plus sized ~ tbh. how fucking lame of him.

Terry, its not interesting anymore.
and the eyebrows.. =(((

I will never see the appeal of Terry Richardson, his stuff is either borderline horrible or extremely boring and he has the rare ability of making everyone he takes photos of look really slimy and creepy.

Love this model

I concur with most of the comments, I'm sick of Terry, so sick of him, but I do love her eyebrows! And I like the styling, and I too had no idea she was a plus sized model, she's great!

This is the worst editorial I've seen in a while, especially in such a reputable and usually high quality magazine. :\

God, this is... disgusting.

(Deleted comment)
I like it it's the most original thing iv seen in years

OMG. Using this as my thinspiration

Yes, this definitely is controversial but I wouldn´t take it so seriously. If any other skinny model posed in these ancient-rome-decadent kind of photos I simply wouldn´t believe her. And although the food looks strange, the colours are great together and the final concept works just fine. BTW I love the eyebrows.

God if they were gonna do something like this Terry might as well have put her in black face.

The jewelry and clothes are stunning.

A shame I have to look past the food (which makes me a bit sick) in order to see them; because there are some gorgeous pieces of jewelry (especially the emeralds and diamonds!).

Not familiar with Terry Richardson's work, but I am familiar with Crystal Renn. One, Renn breaks the cycle of having to be a thin, 100-pound model to be gorgeous. Food, in and of itself, is one of the most luxurious things a human can experience. Whens the last time we've seen a model in a high-end fashion magazine where we see food? Eating? Whit? Never. I think the colors are gorgeous. Frankly, the compositions are forced, but overall I like the idea of it all. With Crystal Renn, who already breaks that desperate cycle, this really puts the cherry on top, exposing the fact that Crystal LIKES to eat food. Nothing wrong with that. Does food make humans look like pigs? Why is that our first thought? Is it because this is a fashion shoot and food should be illegal to bring on set? Review it. Its creative thinking.

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