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Multiple Personalities | Anja Rubik, Lily Donaldson by Mario Testino for Allure September 2010
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Multiple Personalities
Magazine: Allure September 2010
Models: Anja Rubik, Lily Donaldson
Photographer: Mario Testino

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good modeling but i really don't like the concept

same. it's too realistic that it's shameful

I love both Anja and Lily but this is just kind of flat for me. Besides the first photo, I'm not into it at all.

pretty much

though the concept of the last one is cool

It's called "Multiple Personalities" yet I don't really see much personality between either of the girls. I agree with vindictaa that it's kind of flat.

Interesting/ I am not at lesbo, but this is playing beyond, by "dolls"/ Interesting! and composition is good.

This evokes nothing and doesn't really make me excited for the clothes/jewelery/anything, which is a shame.

i will always love this, even if it is very photoshopped

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