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Noir Façade Exclusive | Interview with Becky Smith Editor-in-Chief of Twin

There has recently been a sudden drop in periodical buys. More and more
new magazines are coming out, but with fewer and fewer purchases. The reason? We're
just simply tired. Utterly sick and tired of seeing the same thing, over and over and
over again. The cure? TWIN. And here is the thing, it doesn't even fall into the
category of a magazine. Twin is a bi-annual hard back, and a beautifully cloth
bound book which could be labeled as one of the only books that succeeds in embodying
the term zeitgeist when it comes to viewing fashion in print. In only their third
issue, they're showcasing women such as Dree Hemingway, Gia Coppola, and June Newton,
Editor-in-Chief Becky Smith is firmly lodged on her toes, thinking ahead, far past
what most editors look for. As the ex-creative director of Lula, Smith knows
how to deliver an above and beyond publication to come in and swoon just about any
reader. Here, she shares the basics of Twin's third issue and what's to come.

NOIR FAÇADE: Becky, tell us a little about Twin.
BECKY SMITH: The newest third issue of Twin is out now...
it is all about ambition, we asked Immodesty Blaize, Sloane
Crosley, Simon Rich and Kristin Hersh to consider the meaning
of female ambition, mega-model Dree Hemingway takes a ride in
Simone Rocha’s winter collection, musician Alison Mosshart
reveals the secrets of life on the road, set designer and
artist Gary Card sculpts an irresistible gang of bijoux-loving
sloths, grande dame of fashion photography June Newton discusses
life after Helmut, and Gia Coppola – the granddaughter of
Francis Ford and niece of Sofia who’s next in line for Coppola
fame - shoots an exclusive photo diary.
There’s more but you will have to buy it to see the rest...

What was the inspiration behind starting the book?
Twin is a place where creative people can come together.
The magazine was intended as an artistic hub manifesting
in the hard back book and website. We give established
and upcoming emerging artists a blank canvas to show their
portfolios whilst working with us and our themes.

Twin peaks, twin creaks. Any particular reason behind the name?
Ohhh I like the Twin Peaks reference... I like it being open and ambiguous.
Although twin magazine is not about twins but about twining people and
relationships. In the case Ann and Kirby Kenny, the twin sisters in this
issue you probably can't tell they are twins in the first instance, the
girls have a very intimate understanding of each other which comes out in
both still and moving image. I like this piece because it plays on the title
of the magazine like none other we have done but it is so ephemeral and
tender that it is not a gimmick. We won’t feature twins every issue that’s
for sure.

Would you consider Twin to be the ideal cross-breed of a book and magazine?
More a book than a magazine... that was a very conscious decision from day 1.

Dree Hemingway, Freja Beha Erichsen and Hanne Gaby Odiele are some of your model choices.
Do you think there’s a particular “look” or aesthetic that defines Twin?

One girl can never define a ethos... I think Freja was the perfect girl to set
the tone in the first issue... a girl that can be androgynous… a girl with edge
and attitude...I think the others have since reinforced that in different faces
but essentially a strong woman who’s taking charge. Many more gorgeous and in
control women like that to come.

Who would a typical Twin reader be?
We have found a big cross section of readers- because like our content
we cover all ages from teenagers to 98 year old women like Louise Bourgeois.

What do you believe separates Twin from other reads?
Twin although is stylish in look and feel (as others might be) Twin is also
intellectually content driven, it is essentially a clever read mainly for
women although we do get loads of male fans too of course.

Does the book concentrate more on written works, photography, or an equal mix of both?
I think it’s totally an equal mix of all of these, the medium of communication
are varied between film, art, fashion, and written word which is in part why
the book can be enjoyed by a much wider audience, they feed off each other
within the journey of the book.

With the economic state we are in, may people are cutting their budgets on
books and magazines. What would bring readers back to a publication like Twin?

The fact that Twin is not throw away. We are very reasonably priced for a quality
book. Bi-annuals are the new magazine. I only get really great bi-annuals now
which as I feel Twin is just more time less. I guess apps have become my new
fast hit!

As mentioned before with budget cuts, many people have resorted to reading online,
and your publication offers both, digital and print. What is it that differentiates
the two versions?

The book is much slower paced an in depth, something to slowly devour. The blog is
more lightweight like a little delicious canape!

As a relatively new and fresh publication, what can we expect from you?
More quality work! Each issue just keeps getting better... my aim and is to just
keep getting better and produce more interesting work each time. Keeping standards
very high.
We have now established a traditional book which will sit on your coffee table
amongst your favourites or on your bookshelf. We have a daily blog for fast fixes.
We now hope to have ready for Christmas a fully adapted version of the entire
book plus extras to work seamlessly on your iPad. I'm a traditional girl but I
must say that the images burst into a life of their own on the i-pad screen.....
you will hopefully see what I mean very soon!

*Be sure to check out the TWIN factory and blog at
TWIN can be purchased on the magazine's website, and at the following retailers:

Colette (PARIS)
213 rue Saint-Honor 75001

Papercut (Stockholm)
Krukmakargatan 3
118 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Do you Read me? (Berlin)
Auguststraue 28
10117 Berlin, Germany

Athenaeum Boekhandel
Spui 14, Amsterdam 1012
The Netherland
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