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NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials.

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Heroes or Villains | Anna Lundgaard by Nick Kelly for Velour
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Heroes or Villains
Magazine: Velour
Model: Anna Lundgaard
Photographer: Nick Kelly
Stylist: Alexia Somerville

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I saw the title and was soooo ready to be stoked for it--alas, there's nothing superhero about this editorial except for a few key pieces. And the first shot is amusing, also the bench reminds me of the D.C. metro.

It seems like the photographer thought Frank Miller lighting + choice jewelry would be enough to carry out the theme. No, this don't got nothin' on Craig McDean's superhero shoot with Coco Rocha (Vogue US, May 2008).

lol. something about this screams lady gaga...

I like the styling, and I like the mood of femme fatalism, but somehow, some of the photos come off as amusing, which I'm sure wasn't the intention, like the last one, which although is a strong image, the colors distract me from taking it seriously. BTW, anyone knows if that suit is from The Blonds?

For me I think it's the lensflare, or the spots that have that gleam, like you'd see in commercials/comic books, when this seems to want to go darker
But I agree that I like the styling and the mood. I so wanted to like this more!

Model ID

I think the model could be this P.Y.T.

yup, Anna Lundgaard

I love the first shot. There's that famous Sin City inspired editorial, Killer Vogue (?), that I thought of when I saw this, but realized this seems more Watchmen than Sin City. This could've been much more exciting if it had more action.

oh damn, and this could have been so good!

Love the concept, wish the photography was less crisp/digital-looking.

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