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NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials.

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Video | Dorothea Barth Jörgensen by Barnaby Roper for T Magazine
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Photographer and director Barnaby Roper works his magic on film again, this time starring beautiful Swede, Dorothea Barth Jörgensen. In this short film styled by Michelle Cameron, Roper captures Jörgensen in one of the most intriguing and compelling transformations.

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this was awesome! really interesting to watch too, unlike all those fashion videos that everyone is doing these days. plus, dorothea is FLAWLESS.

WOW O_O this is amazing! Dorothea looks fabulous.

ooh you had me right up until the freaky 3d stuff. It's really good to see people breaking boundaries of what's traditionally seen in fashion videos though

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