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Ladies & Gentlemen | Lydia Hearst by Andrew Yee for How To Spend It
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Ladies & Gentlemen
Magazine: How To Spend It
Model: Lydia Hearst
Photographer: Andrew Yee
Stylist: Damian Foxe

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I can't decide if the editing was done just right or if it went terribly wrong.

All of his photos look like this...the sky imo is always incredible but the make-up/ hair isn't working with the post.

I LOVE how they use dirt to show detail on the clothes.

a lot of these elements clash, but i love the styling and dirt on her clothes.

(Deleted comment)
am i the only one who likes the editing

no I love it too! Also I agree with an above commenter on how I loved they used the dirt to highlight details.

I love the editing, I think the model looks weird, it's too posed /:

I like this but it all just looks like the same shot again and again, they're all too similar

quite good, but last one is awful

i really, really, really like the third one

Flawless shoot, she's just GORGEOUS

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