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Like A Toy Soldier | Ashley Smith by David Dunan for Vogue Gioiello December 2010
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Like A Toy Soldier
Magazine: Vogue Gioiello December 2010
Model: Ashley Smith
Photographer: David Dunan

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The styling, make up, hair, concept, it's all PERFECTION

This is a little too "done" for me, but I can appreciate it.

I like the styling and I'm happy her mouth isn't open in every picture.

(Deleted comment)
the little light things are cool but what on earth were they thinking with everything else...

I usually love this sort of editorial and the styling is brilliant, but this isn't working for me. I think it is the makeup? Or maybe it is just Ashley. I don't dislike her as some do but I think she is being overused.

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