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Versace Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign | Abbey Lee Kershaw by Mario Testino
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Campaign: Versace
Season: Spring/Summer 2011
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Photographer: Mario Testino

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(Deleted comment)
I thought Jana K. was also in this campaign?

She was in the Menswear campaign:)

Looks more like Gucci advertising, but without sex in the eyes

3 white-blonds, that makes a bit of sense, though i'm really annoyed when he puts his hand on Abbey's shoulder, like in pic 2..

this is so boring, it's like they're just trying to flaunt the fact that it's abbey

(Deleted comment)
She's lost so much weight, looks so ana now.

ya, her body weight is so low it's eating away at the fat in her boobs and she's just disappearing

agree. incredibly sorry for this

I like the clothes but not so much the campaign.

i love her but she has like the same expression in all of these, boring.

She kind of looks like Taylor Momsen (with bangs and less makeup):

Yeah, it's kind of horrifying :S

I miss her old hair, the blonde/brown beach hair

loving Mario's obsession with blondes lately

the black pieces in this collection are so sick. i love them.

boring male models. and her face is dull. clothing stands out though!

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