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The London 'Hang-up' | Dorothea Barth Jörgensen by Hugh Lippe for Exit
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: The London 'Hang-up'
Magazine: Exit
Model: Dorothea Barth Jörgensen
Photographer: Hugh Lippe
Stylist: Farah Pidgeon

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she's so stunning. and i like these a lot although i would like to see more of her face haha.

Trying to figure this out...

(Deleted comment)
I get this (at least I think I do), and I totally love it. Lolita by day, BDSM vixen by night? She's stunning and it's editorials like these that I wish had about 20-30 images so it can tell the story even more.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Is this supposed to be provocative or disturbing ?...Rather annoying to me.

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