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Brazil | Sophie Vlaming by Jean-François Campos for Flair March 2011
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Brazil
Magazine: Flair March 2011
Model: Sophie Vlaming
Photographer: Jean-François Campos (MFilomeno)
Stylist: Vittoria Cerciello

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This feels so much more authentic than most "model with the locals" editorials. Sophie seems engaged with/enchanted by her environment rather than glamorously aloof from it.

LOVE her eyebrows!
Great look, great shots!

I don't like the retouching at all, but besides that it's pretty awesome.

Warm, joyful, colourful. Beautiful.
Lovely to have Sophie smiling & relaxed.

I love this so much.

Is this serious ??
Some tips for the next attempt : Stick to the 9th picture's vibe or even better : the 11th.
And please shut this photoshop DOWN !

its a really sweet story. the relationship between the model and the people around for once looks authentic, respectful and not patronizing.
I'm so tired of seeing a model either looking like a hooker or a mannequin standing around exuding a disgustingly arrogant air about her.

very good job!

ps - the photoshop comments are getting SO old. every photographer uses it and if they say they dont they're just lying... get over it. its apart of the industry now. if you knew about retouching, you'll understand that this is not over retouched at all.

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