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Elephant | Samantha Gradoville by Sean & Seng for Pop 23 Spring/Summer 2011
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Elephant
Magazine: Pop 23 Spring/Summer 2011
Model: Samantha Gradoville
Photographers: Sean & Seng
Stylist: Tamara Rothstein

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I hope elephants become the new babies

'cause then it's back to felids again yay
omg Do remember when they were trying to make pigs happen? lol

Ooh, I wouldn't mind felids being used more. It looks like it's coming back (read: I've only seen Sasha's Love cover with the tiger and I immediately assume it's a trend again).

Puercos = nagl...

looks like something from a beastiality site

(Deleted comment)
i know right... way to make an elephant slutty...

I love this. I see a less innocent Natalia Vodianova in some of these.

This makes me very uncomfortable.

omg amazing interaction ♥

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