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The Real McQueen | Kate Moss, Daphne, & Annabelle by Sølve Sundsbø for Harper's Bazaar UK May 2011
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: The Real McQueen
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar UK May 2011
Models: Kate Moss, Annabelle Neilson, Daphne Guinness
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Stylist: Jonathan Kaye

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The skull dress on Kate is all sorts of fabulous.

An "I miss him" at this point, I guess, would be pretty redundant.

could've been more dramatic/intense/etc, they didn't exactly style this in his essense.
but i see this as a big F YOU to sarah burton (REAL MCQUEEN), which i like

a tribute to mcqueen can never be wrong, though. and the daphne shot is gorgeous

wish we had the other cover without text... the one in the new mcqueen dress

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