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Rosie Tupper by Andreas Sjödin for Elle Sweden May 2011
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Magazine: Elle Sweden May 2011
Model: Rosie Tupper
Photographer: Andreas Sjödin
Stylist: Lisa Lindqwister

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I love the yellow cast.

This one is AMAZING

really? it's so tumblr/hipstamatic... the only one I like is the one without the yellow

so basically he's just used cheesy PS effects to make up for bad lighting... come on Andreas! I was rooting for you!

Yeah, this could have been elegant--but it ended up kinda slops.

i think for the most part, the lighting isn't bad at all.

they're under-lit AND over-exposed... :S

i get what you're saying and i respect that it's your opinion, but in for me (and from what i'm taught), exposing for the face when the background is brighter isn't bad lighting, it's just that the photographer wanted a dreamy feel to the photos, and in this case he did it with most of the photos so obviously that's his intention. I like that he achieved a dreamy backlit effect in such a tropical setting.

I do agree that the one in the yellow dress and especially the one after it didn't have the best light. But I can't really blame the photographer, shooting in tropical countries is really hard, especially in countries closer to the equator. The light comes out flat and harsh most of the time. The sun comes down really fast so you get high noon sun for most of the day, and for 2 hours or less you'll get the "nice" late noon light. Plus the models usually get agitated cause of the VERY humid weather, they sweat easily and the clothes get visible sweat bullets in them, so photographers usually rush into layouts cause. So yeah, except for those two layouts, i think he did a good job.

PS I agree on the hipstamatic thing

ooh, and just looking at your portfolio now - I recognize your work from being featured here before! I've always wished that the people behind the scenes would join on the discussion because sometimes things get a little one-sided with everyone ganging up on the photographer/stylist/etc but it would be really fascinating to hear the other side of the story. So welcome! :P

Also I think you make a lot of valid points in your second paragraph but I think if you've got a budget and assistants you know it's going to be humid, you should be able to plan and MAKE a shoot like this work. Bring lots of skrims to diffuse the light or flashes to fill in the shadows and pre-plan poses so you're not mugging around in the heat.

And the reason I'm being particularly harsh on this one shoot and not letting it go so much is because Andreas's work in the past has been SO strong and inspirational, but this isn't even close to that.

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