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Utopia | Pam Hogg, Lazika, Charlotte, Sarah, Irene, Felix & Ted by Jeff Hahn for Dragmag
Noir Façade
bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: Utopia
Magazine: Dragmag
Models: Pam Hogg, Lazika, Charlotte Pallister, Sarah Marshall, Irene Paniagua, Felix Bujo,
Ted Stansfield
Photographer: Jeff Hahn
Stylist: Pam Hogg


Director: Kieran Partise
Producer: The Conceptionist
Makeup: Adam Burrell & Kaori Mitsuyaki
Hair: Yoshitaka Miyazaki
Makeup Assistants: Leah Mabe & Meme Kosaka
Hair Assistant: Atsushi Hayashi

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I have a very guilty pleasure for Pam Hogg and coincidentally she's the most stunning one here.

This is something unbelievable!

(Deleted comment)
oooh really nice lighting/colours in the last few

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