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La nueva Katie | Katie Holmes by Tom Munro for Vogue España August 2011
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bertberlin wrote in noirfacade

Title: La nueva Katie
Magazine: Vogue España August 2011
Model: Katie Holmes
Photographer: Tom Munro
Stylist: Katie Mossman

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"flaccid stomach" is all i can remember when i see this

She looks really great, but I can't look at her without thinking about how she's Tom Cruise's domestic Scientologist house servant/concubine.

She is not very inspiring. I don’t this theme works for her at all and it comes off a little overdone.

she's got such a complacent demeanor and in a shoot like this you need to be oozing with energy

Oh jeez this is Katie Holmes? Didn't even recognize her.

(Deleted comment)
i don't like her hat ><

there are some amazing pics but the theme is completely OVERDONE! at leats it could be more imaginative...

there are some great shots though and i think shes a beautiful woman. but shes not a model...

Seriously! I don't know what you all are talking about!! She looks absolutely amazing sexy and sensual. And if you all had any style and taste!! you would realized the stylist for this shot has fantastic taste and style!! I want all the clothes and accessories from this shot... especially the lace mask!!! OMG so erotic!!! cam anyone tell me where I can buy???? Please if anyone knows where to purchase email me on

Be good always, be happy always, And most of all keep smiling!!!!!

Angel xxx

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